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Workforce Development

The Alpha Workforce Development Team provides supports to individuals who are interested in working competitively. We provide assistance with all aspects of this process from the early stages of understanding how to navigate employers’ websites and online applications to hands on Job Coaching at the worksite once a job offer is made. Alpha fosters independence and empowers individuals to meet their goals through a combination of soft skill development and direct skill training. If you or someone you know is ready to work, we are here to help.

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Phase I: Pre-Employment Supports

Through partnerships with local school districts and individualized planning, Alpha has created programming to support the already existing transitioning programs in the classroom. This includes soft skill development as well as on site Job Coaching within the community.
  • Alpha currently partners with two Project Search programs – Grady Memorial Hospital and Nationwide Children’s Hospital.
  • This program allows high school students to participate in an additional year of training which centers exclusively around employment.
  • Students take part in a variety of internships within Grady that cover everything from Patient Registration to Environmental Services.
  • In addition to work skills, there is also a daily classroom session that prepares the participants for their eventual job search and life in the working world.
  • Click here to watch an amazing success story of one of our Project SEARCH Interns at Nationwide Children’s Hospital.
  • Alpha’s Summer Youth Work Experience is designed for entry level or beginning transition youth students looking to improve their job readiness. This program is designed to encourage youth to gain real work experience. During this time, the youth will work under the supervision of a Job Coach and a site supervisor at a local business.
Pre-Employment Transition Services are available to high school students who are eligible for OOD services. Alpha provides a variety of programming to support students in the classroom ranging from Job Exploration Counseling to Instruction on How to Self Advocate.
Through a series of evaluations and time spent gathering information on personal goals for employment, Alpha provides Vocational Evaluations and Testing to help individuals determine what type of employment may be right for them.

Career discovery results in identification of the individual’s interests in one or more specific aspects of the job market; an understanding of the individual’s skills, strengths, and other contributions likely to be valuable to employers and conditions necessary for the individual’s success.

Vocational Evaluations utilize a variety of testing options to identify and evaluate a participant’s current and projected vocational interest and abilities to provide viable employment options.

Employment plans create a clear plan for employment or self-employment.  This service may include career advancement planning for individuals who are already employed.

Phase II: Path-to-Employment Supports

These services are designed to provide individuals an opportunity to develop and enhance their general skills while participating in volunteer and work experiences that will advance them on their path to competitive integrated employment opportunities.

  • Vocational Habilitation – Facility are services that are conducted in a facility-based setting through paid subcontracted work and soft skill development.

  • Vocational Habilitation – Community (ACE) are services that are conducted at a host community business location through various hands- on internships and soft skill development.

  • Career Exploration

This service is designed to help an individual identify what areas of employment may be the best fit based on their needs, skills, and abilities. Career Exploration is a one-on-one service that is supported by OOD and completed by an Alpha team member. Through informational interviews, job shadows, and research we strive to assist each participant in the identification of a vocational goal.

  • Job Readiness Training (JRT)

This is a group-based service which assists participants with developing the necessary skills and abilities to become successfully employed.

  • Work training
    • The Alpha Group provides community integrated experiences and opportunities to enhance or gain various soft skills and work training to individuals with developmental disabilities in Central Ohio. Alpha is the leader with more than 50 years’ experience we are extremely competitive and guarantee job satisfaction. We offer services to commercial, industrial, governmental agencies and private residences.
      • Custodial: The Alpha Group’s custodial team provides our customers with flexibility of a customized plan to fit their specific needs.
  • Long term supports for community employment
A time limited period where the job seeker has the opportunity to demonstrate work habits in a real world environment while earning a training stipend. Accompanied by an Alpha Job Coach through the duration, the Community Based Work Assessment provides the opportunity for the individual to identify what tasks and environments are the best match for their interests and skills.

Phase III: Employment Supports

The Alpha team member will work one-on-one to contact employers and walk through all parts of the employment process from interview to job negotiations.
After hire, a professional job coach will continue to support both the individual and the employer ensuring a successful transition to the work place.
Alpha provides ongoing supports for the duration of an individual’s employment via periodic on site check ins and phone

This enables the individual to be successful in the integrated job setting through long term job coaching, training in assistive technology, and personal care or assistance.

Service Area

Our headquarters is located in Delaware County. We also provide services in 12 other counties. Please check the map for more information.