Contact The Alpha Group Transportation Department: Virgil Barger 740.564.2502 or 740.368.5810 ext. 197


The Alpha Group transportation division consists of more than 30 vehicles that provide non-medical transportation services (approximately 2,000 rides each month.) Our drivers pride themselves in providing a safe and timely service.

Alpha Transportation Services is a provider of demand response transportation for trips originating in Delaware County. Our customers include individuals with disabilities, seniors who are at least 55 years old, and other residents of Delaware County. Alpha works in conjunction with its transportation partners to fill transportation gaps in Delaware County.

Trips can be scheduled for the hours between 6am-11pm Monday-Saturday by contacting the business office at (740) 564-2502 anytime between 7:30am-4pm Monday-Friday, excluding holidays. It is preferred that all requests be received 48 hours prior to requested trips.

All trip requests are evaluated and approved based on the availability of resources and the nature of the trip. Preference shall be given to trips going to/from places of employment or medical appointments. A log shall be kept for all trip denied requests noting date, time, individual requesting services and the reason for the denial. 

Upon request the trip shall be quoted based on our Usual Customary Rate (UCR) prior to our approving or disapproving the trip to be scheduled.

Prior to scheduled trip, private pay customers must contact our transportation office and pay for the trips(s) through either debit or credit card. All trips must be cancelled at least 1 hour in advance to be eligible for a refund.

The Alpha Group Transportation, masked person in wheelchair smiling and waving while being helped off transportation